• Ani DiFranco

    Ani DiFranco

    Angela Maria "Ani" DiFranco (/ˈɑːniː/; born 1970) is an American singer/songwriter. She has released more than 20 albums. DiFranco's music has been classified as folk rock and alternative rock, although it has additional influences from punk, funk, hip hop and jazz. She has released all her albums on her own record label, Righteous Babe, giving her significant creative freedom.

  • Evolve (Ani DiFranco album)

    Evolve (Ani DiFranco album)

    Evolve is the 12th studio album by singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco, released in 2003 (see 2003 in music ). The album won DiFranco and Brian Grunert a Grammy Award for Best Recording Package in 2004. This album is more eclectic and stylistically venturous than DiFranco's previous works, experimenting with styles such as jazz and funk.

  • Dilate (Ani DiFranco album)

    Dilate (Ani DiFranco album)

    Dilate is the seventh studio album by singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco, released in 1996. Dilate is her highest-selling and most critically acclaimed record, with U.S. sales of over 480,000 units according to SoundScan. In 2011, Slant Magazine placed the album at #67 on its list of "The 100 Best Albums of 1990s".

  • Ani Difranco (album)

  • Ani DiFranco (album)

    Ani DiFranco (album)

  • Āņi

    Āņi is a village in Ādaži Municipality in the historical region of Vidzeme, and the Riga Planning Region in Latvia.

  • Ani


    Ani (Armenian: Անի; Greek: Ἄνιον, Ánion; Latin: Abnicum; Turkish: Anı) is a ruined medieval Armenian city now situated in Turkey's province of Kars, next to the closed border with Armenia.

  • Ani Izuchukwu

    Ani Izuchukwu

    Ani Izuchukwu is an American football player from Nashville, Tennessee who plays as a weak-side defensive end for the Mississippi State Bulldogs football team.

  • Ani (nun)

    Ani is a prefix added to the name of a nun in Tibetan Buddhism. Thus, for example, the full title of a nun whose name is Pema becomes Ani Pema (akin to, for example, "Sister Anne" among Catholic nuns)

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