• Andreas Wenzel

    Andreas Wenzel

    Andreas Wenzel (born 18 March 1958) is a former World Cup alpine ski racer from Liechtenstein, active from 1976 to 1988. Born in Planken, he was the overall World Cup champion in 1980, the same season in which his older sister Hanni won the women's overall title. He also won two season titles in the combined event, in 1984 and 1985.

  • Andreas

    Andreas (Greek: Ἀνδρέας) is a name usually given to males in Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Armenia, Finland, Flanders, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Netherlands, and Indonesia. The name derives from the Greek noun ἀνήρ anēr – with genitive ἀνδρός andros –, which means "man" (i.e. male human being). See article on Andrew for more information. Also in regard to the name Andreas, it may be used in the feminine as Andrea, which is instead the main male form in Italy and the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

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