• André Victor Silva Reis

    André Victor Silva Reis (born 7 May 1996 in Salgueiro, Brazil) is a professional footballer and a national of Brazil.

  • Victor André Cornil

    Victor André Cornil, also André-Victor Cornil (17 June 1837 – 13 April 1908) was a French pathologist, histologist and politician born in Cusset, Allier.

  • Victor Andre Matteson

    Victor Andre Matteson (August 22, 1872 – March 9, 1951) was an American architect whose practice was based in Chicago, Illinois.

  • André Charles Victor Reille

    André Charles Victor Reille

    André Charles Victor Reille (July 23, 1815 in Paris – January 19, 1887 in Antibes) was a French general. Born into a military family, he studied at the Military School of Saint-Cyr and was a cavalry lieutenant by 1838, captain in 1841, before becoming an aide to General Oudinot, squadron leader in 1851, Lieutenant-Colonel in 1855, colonel in 1859, brigadier general in 1865, and major general in 1875. He was an aide to Napoleon III beginning in 1859 and gave Napoleon's letter of surrender to King William of Prussia at the Battle of Sedan in 1870.

  • Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz

    Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz

    Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz 1 was a welterweight world title fight that aired on HBO's Boxing After Dark on April 16, 2011. As part of an HBO televised broadcast, the split-site double-header included WBA junior welterweight Championship Amir Khan vs. Paul McCloskey, Khan fighting from his native England.

  • Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz 1

  • André Tchelistcheff

    André Tchelistcheff

    André Tchelistcheff (Russian: Андрей Викторович Челищев; December 7, 1901 – April 5, 1994) was America's most influential post-Prohibition winemaker. Tchelistcheff is most notable for his contributions toward defining the style of California's best wines, especially Cabernet Sauvignon. Called the "dean of American winemakers", industry pioneers, such as Rev. John Staten of Field Stone Winery, Robert Mondavi, Louis Martini and Rob Davis of Jordan Vineyard & Winery, and Rick Sayre of Rodney Strong Wine Estates, considered him their mentor.

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