• Anatoly Larkin

    Anatoly Larkin

    Anatoly Ivanovich Larkin (Russian: Анатолий Иванович Ларкин; October 14, 1932 – August 4, 2005) was a Russian theoretical physicist, universally recognised as a leader in theory of condensed matter, and who was also a celebrated teacher of several generations of theorists.

  • Anatoly Yarkin

    Anatoly Nikolayevich Yarkin (Russian: Анатолий Николаевич Яркин; born 11 November 1958) is a retired Soviet cyclist. He was part of the Soviet team that won the time trial event at the 1980 Summer Olympics. Individually, he finished in sixth place in the road race, helping Sergei Sukhoruchenkov and Yuri Barinov to win the race. Next year, he won a silver medal in the team time trial at the 1981 UCI Road World Championships.

  • Anatoly


    Anatoly (Russian: Анато́лий, romanized: Anatólij [ɐnɐˈtolʲɪj ], Ukrainian: Анато́лій, romanized: Anatólij [ɐnɐˈtɔl⁽ʲ⁾ij ]) is a common Russian and Ukrainian male given name, derived from the Greek name Ανατολιος Anatolios, meaning "sunrise." Other common Russian transliterations are Anatoliy and Anatoli. The Ukrainian transliteration is Anatoliy or Anatolii. The French version of the name is Anatole. Other variants are Anatol and more rarely Anatolio.

  • Anatoly Fomenko

    Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko (Russian: Анато́лий Тимофе́евич Фоме́нко) (born 13 March 1945 in Stalino, USSR ) is a Soviet and Russian mathematician, professor at Moscow State University, well known as a topologist, and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is author of a pseudoscientific theory known as New Chronology. He is also a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (1991).

  • Anatoly Andriyashev

    Anatoly Petrovich Andriyashev (also Andriashev) (19 August 1910 in Montpellier, France – 4 January 2009 in Saint Petersburg, Russia) was a Soviet Russian ichthyologist, marine biologist, and zoogeographist, notable for his studies of marine fauna of the Arctic and the Northern Pacific.

  • Anatoly Malofeyev

    Anatoly Alexandrovich Malofeyev (Russian: Анато́лий Алекса́ндрович Малофе́ев, Belarusian: Анатоль Аляксандравіч Малафееў; born 14 May 1933, Gomel ) is a former first secretary of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic during the Soviet Union era and Belarusian parliament speaker. In March 1985, Malofeyev became the Minsk regional Communist Party leader upon the removal of Vladimir A. Mikulich. He served as First Secretary of the Byelorussian Communist Party from November 1990 to August 1991.

  • Anatoly Bogatyrev

    Anatoly Vasilyevich Bogatyrev (Belarusian: Анатоль Васільевіч Багатыроў, Russian: Анатолий Васильевич Богатырё́в; August 13 O.S. July 31] 1913 – September 19, 2003) was a Belarusian composer and music teacher, seen as one of the leaders of the national school of Belarusian music.

  • Anatoly Dobrynin

    Anatoly Dobrynin

    Anatoly Fyodorovich Dobrynin (Russian: Анатолий Фёдорович Добрынин, 16 November 1919 – 6 April 2010) was a Russian statesman and a Soviet diplomat and politician. He was Soviet Ambassador to the United States for more than two decades, from 1962 to 1986.

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