• Levchenko

    Levchenko (Ukrainian: Левченко) is a surname of Ukrainian origin. It derives from the personal name Levko. The surname, Levchenko, was created by adding the Ukrainian patronimic suffix, -enko, meaning someone of Levko, usually the son of Levko.

  • Anatoli Levchenko

    Anatoli Levchenko

    Anatoly Semyonovich Levchenko (Russian: Анатолий Семёнович Левченко; May 5, 1941 – August 6, 1988) was a Soviet cosmonaut.

  • Gordey Levchenko

    Gordey Ivanovich Levchenko (Russian: Гордей Иванович Левченко, 1 February 1897 – 26 May 1981) was a Soviet naval commander and admiral from 1944.

  • Yuliya Levchenko

    Yuliya Levchenko

    Yuliya Andriyivna Levchenko (Ukrainian: Юлія Андріївна Левченко; born 28 November 1997) is a Ukrainian high jumper.

  • Stanislav Levchenko

    Stanislav Alexandrovich Levchenko (Russian: Станислав Александрович Левченко, born July 28, 1941) is a former Russian KGB major who defected to the United States in 1979. He obtained U.S. citizenship in 1989.

  • Vitaliy Levchenko

    Vitaly Grigorovich Levchenko (born 28 March 1972, in Tajik SSR) is a retired footballer who played internationally for Ukraine and Tajikistan and is now the manager of FK Khujand.

  • Nadezhda Levchenko

    Nadezhda Levchenko is a Soviet sprint canoeist who competed in the late 1960s. She won a gold medal in the K-4 500 m event at the 1966 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in East Berlin.

  • Nikolay Levchenko

    Nikolai Aleksandrovich Levchenko (born October 16, 1979, Donetsk) is the Ukrainian politician, People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 7th convocation, Candidate of Historical Sciences. Is well known for his statements against conducting of the anti-terrorist operation and for settling the conflict in Donbass peacefully. Since 2016 is the Head of the international fund "Donbass without weapons".

  • Volodymyr Levchenko

    Volodymyr Maksymovych Levchenko (Ukrainian: Володимир Максимович Левченко; 18 February 1944 in Kiev – April 2006) was a Soviet Ukrainian footballer.

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