• Ana Ortiz

    Ana Ortiz

    Ana Ortiz (born January 25, 1971) is an American actress and singer. Having pursued a career in ballet and singing from a young age, she eventually attended University of the Arts. Ortiz began her acting career in theatre, in early 2000s starred in the short-lived NBC sitcoms Kristin (2001) and A.U.S.A. (2003), and had recurring roles on Over There and Boston Legal .

  • Ana María Ortíz

  • Ana María Ortiz

    Ana María Ortiz

    Ana María Ortiz (born 1989) is a Bolivian beauty queen and model and Bolivia's delegate to Miss World in 2006.

  • Ana

    Ana or ANA may refer to:

  • -ana

    -ana (more frequently -iana) is a suffix of Latin origin, used in English to convert nouns, usually proper names, into mass nouns, as in Shakespeareana or Dickensiana, items or stories related to William Shakespeare or Charles Dickens, respectively.

  • Ana Barbara (album)

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