• Amy Frazier

    Amy Frazier (born September 19, 1972) is a former professional tennis player from the United States

  • List of Shortland Street characters (2008)

    The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street in 2008, by order of first appearance.

  • List of minor planets: 10001–11000

    The following is a partial list of minor planets, running from minor-planet number 10001 through 11000, inclusive. A detailed description of the table's columns and used data sources are given on the main page. The main index provides an overview of the entire minor-planet catalog. Also see the summary list of all named bodies in numerical and alphabetical order, as well as the corresponding naming citations for this number range. More details on the dynamical classification of minor planets can be found on the main page.

  • Chlaenius

    Chlaenius is a large and diverse genus of ground beetle. It is native to the Palearctic (including Europe), the Near East, North Africa, Afrotropical region, and the Nearctic. Worldwide, roughly 1,000 species are currently recognized with the majority of known species occurring in the Oriental and Afrotropical regions. The genus is divided into many subgenera.

  • A&M Records

    Stevens, Peter Frampton, Elkie Brooks, Carole King, Styx, Extreme, Amy Grant, Joan Baez, the Human

  • List of Sonic the Hedgehog characters

    named Tails. Shortly afterward, Sonic CD introduced Amy Rose, a female hedgehog with a persistent

  • London Borough of Lambeth

    . The geographical centre of London is at Frazier Street near Lambeth North tube station, though nearby Charing

  • Salaam Remi

    Salaam Remi Gibbs is an American record producer known for his association with Nas, Amy Winehouse

  • Amy Winehouse

    Amy Jade Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011) was an English singer and songwriter. She

  • Mark Ronson

    , and record producer. Ronson is best known for his collaborations with artists such as Amy Winehouse, Lady

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