• Amnon Lipkin-Shahak

    Amnon Lipkin-Shahak

    Amnon Lipkin-Shahak (Hebrew: אמנון ליפקין-שחק‎; March 18, 1944 – December 19, 2012) was an Israeli military officer and politician. He served as Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, as a Member of the Knesset, and as Minister of Transportation and Tourism.

  • Amnon


    Amnon (Hebrew: אַמְנוֹן, "faithful", born circa 1000 BCE ) was the oldest son of King David and his third wife, Ahinoam of Jezreel. He was born in Hebron during his father's reign in Judah. He was the heir apparent to the throne of Israel until he was assassinated by his half-brother Absalom to avenge the rape of their sister Tamar.

  • Amnon of Mainz

    Amnon of Mainz or Amnon of Mayence is the subject of a medieval legend that became very popular. It tells of Rabbi Amnon, of Mainz (Mayence), Germany, in the 11th century, whom the Archbishop of Mainz, at various times, tried to convert to Christianity. On one occasion Amnon evasively asked to be given three days' time for consideration, but when he left the Archbishop's palace he immediately regretted even appearing to waver in his Jewish faith. When he failed to appear on the appointed day, the archbishop had him brought guarded into his presence. Amnon, rebuked for his failure to keep his promise, pleaded guilty, and said that his tongue should be amputated, because it had expressed a doubt as to the truth of Judaism. The archbishop, however, pronounced the sentence that Amnon's feet, which had refused to come, and his hands, be cut off. This was accordingly done.

  • Amnon Filippi

    Amnon Eric Filippi (born June 29, 1969 in New York City) is a professional poker player based in New York City.

  • Amnon Golan

    Amnon Golan is an international advertising specialist, communication strategy expert, conceptual thinker and creative explorer. He is the Vice President strategy for Central and Eastern Europe at Y&R advertising.

  • Amnon Yekutieli

    Amnon Yekutieli (Hebrew: אמנון יקותיאלי‎) is an Israeli mathematician, working in noncommutative algebra, algebraic geometry and deformation quantization. He is a professor of mathematics at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

  • Amnon David Ar

    Amnon David Ar (Hebrew: אמנון דוד ער; born 12 December 1973 in Herzliyah, Israel ) is an Israeli painter. He studied at the Arts and Crafts Municipal High School of Tel Aviv until the age of eighteen. After completing his compulsory military service, he studied anatomy with Oswald Adler. He then spent one year at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, before leaving, because he felt that both the training and the curriculum didn’t provide the skills and knowledge he was looking for. For this reason, Ar decided to organize his own studies, and spent a further year learning painting and drawing with Abraham Bykov. By studying with older artists, Ar has trained himself in a traditional way, and can, at least in part, be considered an autodidact. During his studies, Ar worked as a chief illustrator and caricaturist at Maariv (newspaper) and also at Yedioth Tikshoret. Today, Ar also teaches painting and drawing, with the express intention of passing on to the next generation of artists, his experience, and with it his understanding of the artistic skills of the past. In 2014 Ar moved to Berlin where he has his studio and teaches.

  • Amnon Reshef

    Amnon Reshef (Hebrew: אמנון רשף; born August 29, 1938) is a retired IDF major general who served as 14th Brigade Commander in the Yom Kippur War and as Commanding General of the Armored Corps from 1979 to 1982. In 2014 he founded Commanders for Israel's Security (CIS) which he leads.

  • Amnon Dick

    Amnon Dick (Hebrew: אמנון דיק; born November 20, 1952) is an Israeli businessman, manager and director.

  • Amnon Harlap

    Amnon Harlap (Hebrew: אמנון חרל"פ‎, born 13 December 1909 - died 29 May 2006) was an Israeli footballer, who played for Hapoel Tel Aviv and the Mandatory Palestine national football team.

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