• Amago Yoshihisa

    Amago Yoshihisa (尼子 義久, 1540 – October 14, 1610) was a daimyō (lord) of Izumo Province.

  • Amago

    Amago (尼子) is a Japanese word meaning "child of a nun", and has various other uses:

  • Amago Haruhisa

    Amago Haruhisa

    Amago Haruhisa (尼子 晴久, March 8, 1514 – January 9, 1561) was a daimyō warlord in the Chūgoku region of western Japan. He was the second son of Amago Masahisa. Initially named Akihisa (詮久), he changed his name to Haruhisa in 1541 after Ashikaga Yoshiharu offered to let him use a kanji character from his name.

  • Amago Station

    Amago Station (尼子駅, Amago-eki) is a train station in Kora, Shiga, Japan.

  • Amago Okihisa

    Amago Okihisa (尼子 興久, 1497–1534) was the third son of Tsunehisa. His childhood name was Hikoshirō (彦四郎). He also called himself En'ya Okihisa (塩冶 興久) for the domain he ruled.

  • Amago Katsuhisa

    Amago Katsuhisa (尼子 勝久, 1553 – August 8, 1578) was a remnant of the Amago clan, a powerful feudal clan in the Chūgoku region of Japan, backed up by Yamanaka Yukimori, a vassal of the clan.

  • Haruhisa Amago

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