• Alphonso McAuley

    Alphonso McAuley (born April 21, 1984) is an American actor and a Viner with over 2.2 million followers. McAuley played Cassius Sparks on Fox's comedy television series Breaking In and played Hutch in ABC's The Middle .

  • Alphonso Cornish Jr.

    Alphonso Cornish Jr.

    Alphonso Cornish Jr. (raised in Towson, Maryland) is an American student and football player.

  • Bennet Alphonso

    Bennet Alphonso

    The 'Bennet Alphonso' mango is a mango cultivar, daughter of the Alphonso, the premier mango of India. The Bennet Alphonso however, had limited success on the soils of Florida.

  • Alphonso DeNoble

    Alphonso DeNoble (December 20, 1946 – November 1978) was an American actor. A resident of Paterson, New Jersey, he is most famous for playing the obese, cat-loving, landlord in Alfred Sole's 1976 horror film Alice, Sweet Alice . According to Alfred Sole, Alphonso made extra money by dressing up as a priest and hanging around cemeteries. Elderly widows would ask "Father Alphonso" for a blessing and offer him a donation for the church in return. He was also a bouncer at Paterson's only gay bar. Alphonso made two other film appearances—as the white slave dealer in Joel M. Reed's Blood Sucking Freaks (where he is credited only by his first name) and as the camera store proprietor in another Reed film, Night of the Zombies , released in 1981. DeNoble died in 1978.

  • Alphonso Hart

    Alphonso Hart

    Alphonso Hart (July 4, 1830 – December 23, 1910) was a Republican politician from the U.S. State of Ohio who was a U.S. Representative, in the Ohio State Senate, and the 11th Lieutenant Governor of Ohio.

  • C. Alphonso Smith

    C. Alphonso Smith (28 May 1864 – 13 June 1924) was an American Professor of English, college dean, philologist, and folklorist.

  • David Alphonso Talboys

    David Alphonso Talboys (c. 1790–1840) was an English bookseller, known as a publisher, translator, and local politician.

  • Alphonso Adonis

    Alphonso Adonis (born (1986-01-22)22 January 1986) is a South African male weightlifter, competing in the 62 kg category and representing South Africa at international competitions. He competed at world championships, most recently at the 2010 World Weightlifting Championships.

  • Alphonso de Spina

    Alphonso de Spina (unknown date of birth – in or about 1491) was a Spanish Franciscan Catholic Bishop, preacher and writer. He was the author of Fortalitium Fidei, a treatise on arguments to be used to oppose detractors of Catholicism.

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