• Mohamed Benyahia

    Mohamed Benyahia

    Mohamed Benyahia (born 30 June 1992) is an Algerian professional footballer who currently plays as a defender for Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1 club USM Alger.

  • Racim Benyahia

    Benyahia Racim Bey (Arabic: بن يحيى رسيم باي‎; Born in Constantine, Algeria, in 1987) is an Algerian digital illustrator and cartoonist.

  • Samta Benyahia

    Samta Benyahia (Arabic: صامته بن يحيى‎) born in Constantine, Algeria, in 1950, is an Algerian French artist, known for her Arab Berber Andalusian geometrical patterns and rosaceae, called fatima.

  • Dalil Benyahia

    Dalil Benyahia (born 21 April 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a former Algerian-Swedish footballer who last played for IK Sirius.

  • Ahmed Benyahia

    Ahmed Benyahia (Arabic: أحمد بن يحيى‎; born in Constantine, Algeria, in 1943) is an Algerian artist.

  • Benyahia Abderrahmane

    Benyahia Abderrahmane is a town and commune in Mila Province, Algeria. At the 1998 census it had a population of 10,222.

  • Mohammed Seddik Benyahia

    Mohammed Seddik Benyahia

    According to the United States Department of Defense, it held more than two hundred Afghan detainees in Guantanamo prior to May 15, 2006. They had been captured and classified as enemy combatants in warfare following the US and allies invasion of Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban and disrupt terrorist networks. Originally, the US held such prisoners in sites in Afghanistan, but needed a facility to detain them where they could be interrogated. It opened the Guantanamo Bay detention camp on January 11, 2002, and transported the enemy combatants there.

  • Michaël Benyahia

    Michaël Benyahia

    Michaël Benyahia (born 21 July 2000 in Miami) is a Moroccan racing driver.

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