• Association of Algerian Muslim Ulema

    The Association of Algerian Muslim Ulama (French: Association des Oulémas Musulmans Algériens, AOMA), commonly known as Jam'iyat al-'Ulama, was a cultural and religious movement in French Algeria.

  • Algerian Muslim Scouts

    Algerian Muslim Scouts

    Algerian Muslim Scouts (Arabic: الكشافة الاسلامية الجزائرية‎) is the national Scouting association in Algeria. SMA has 24,750 members as of 2011.

  • Medieval Muslim Algeria

    Medieval Muslim Algeria was a period of Muslim dominance in Algeria during the Middle Ages, roughly spanning the millennium from the 7th century to the 17th century. Unlike the invasions of previous religions and cultures, the coming of Islam, which was spread by Arabs, was to have pervasive and long-lasting effects on North Africa. The new faith, in its various forms, would penetrate nearly all segments of society, bringing with it armies, learned men, and fervent mystics; in large part, it would replace tribal practices and loyalties with new social norms and political idioms.

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