• Alexander von Benckendorff

    Alexander von Benckendorff

    Konstantin Alexander Karl Wilhelm Christoph Graf von Benckendorff, (Russian: Александр Христофорович Бенкендорф, Alexander Khristoforovich Benkendorf, 4 July O.S. 23 June] 1781 or 1783 – 5 October O.S. 11 September or 23 September] 1844), was a Baltic German Cavalry General and statesman, Adjutant General of Tsar Alexander I, a commander of partisan (Kossak irregular) units during the War of 1812-13. However, he is most frequently remembered for his later role, under Tsar Nicholas I, as the founding head of the Gendarmes and the Secret Police in Imperial Russia.

  • Alexander von Schleinitz

    Alexander von Schleinitz

    Alexander Gustav Adolf Graf von Schleinitz (born 29 December 1807 in Blankenburg am Harz; died 19 February 1885 in Berlin) was the Foreign Minister of Prussia from 1858 to 1861 and minister for the royal household from late 1861 to his death.

  • Alexander von Dönhoff

    Alexander Graf von Dönhoff (February 9, 1683 – October 9, 1742) was a Prussian lieutenant-general and confidant of King Friedrich Wilhelm I.

  • Alexander von Suchten

    Alexander von Suchten (c. 1520 in Dirschau (Tczew) or Danzig (Gdańsk) – 7 November 1575 in Linz ) was an alchemist, doctor and writer.

  • Alexander von Volborth

    Alexander von Volborth/Aleksandr Fedorovich von Volborth (born 1800, Mogilev - died 1876, Kiev ), was a Russian palaeontologist. Volborthite, a mineral containing copper and vanadium and first found in 1838 at the Sofronovskii Copper Mine near Perm in the Urals, was named after him.

  • Alexander von Zagareli

    Alexander von Zagareli

    Alexander Anton von Zagareli (also Cagareli or Tsagareli, Georgian: ალექსანდრე ანტონის ძე ცაგარელი; 9 December 1844 – 12 November 1929 ) was a Georgian linguist. He was professor at Saint Petersburg State University an co-founder of Tbilisi State University.

  • Alexander von Winiwarter

    Alexander von Winiwarter (April 22, 1848 – October 31, 1917) was an Austrian-Belgian surgeon who was a native of Vienna. He was the brother of physician Felix von Winiwarter (1852-1931).

  • Alexander von Ungern-Sternberg

    Alexander von Ungern-Sternberg

    Peter Alexander Freiherr von Ungern-Sternberg (22 April 1806 – 24 August 1869) also known as Alexander von Sternberg, was a Baltic German novelist, poet and painter who worked under the pseudonym Sylvan.

  • Alexander von Gabain

    Alexander von Gabain is a microbiologist, academic, founder of several biotech firms and board member of venture capital firms. He has worked at the intersection of the healthcare industry, academia and research throughout his career. He was one of the founding board members of EIT in 2008 and began his involvement in EIT Health in 2015.

  • Alexander von Humboldt German International School Montreal

    Alexander von Humboldt German International School Montreal

    The Alexander von Humboldt German International School Montreal (AvH; German: Alexander von Humboldt Deutsche Internationale Schule Montreal; French: École internationale allemande Alexander von Humboldt) was founded in 1980. It is located in Baie-d'Urfé (Quebec) in the suburbs of Montreal. It was founded to educate the German community of Montreal.

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