• Alexander Gibson

    Alexander Gibson may refer to:

  • Gibson, Alexander

  • Alexander Gibson (politician)

    Alexander Gibson, Jr. (December 15, 1852 – April 19, 1920) was a businessman and political figure in New Brunswick, Canada. He represented York County in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick from 1899 to 1900 as a Liberal and represented York in the House of Commons of Canada from 1900 to 1904 as a Liberal member.

  • George Alexander Gibson

    George Alexander Gibson

    Dr George Alexander Gibson FRSE FRCPE LLD (27 January 1854 – 18 January 1913) was a Scottish physician, medical author and amateur geologist. As an author he wrote on the diverse fields of both geology and heart disease. The Gibson Memorial Lecture is named after him. He was the first to discover a heart condition – the Gibson Murmur – which is named after him.

  • Alexander Gibson, Lord Durie II

    Sir Alexander Gibson, with a legal courtesy title Lord Durie held as his father did (died 1656) was a Scottish judge.

  • Alexander Gibson, Lord Durie I

    Alexander Gibson, Lord Durie I (died 1644) was a Scottish judge and legal writer.

  • Alexander Gibson (disambiguation)

  • Alexander Gibson, Lord Durie (died 1644)

  • Alexander Gibson, Lord Durie (died 1656)

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