• Alec

    Alec or Aleck is a Scottish form of Alex. It may be a diminutive of the given name Alexander or a given name in its own right. Notable people with the name include:

  • Alec Lobb (Garages) Ltd v Total Oil (GB) Ltd

    Alec Lobb (Garages) Ltd v Total Oil (GB) Ltd

    Alec Lobb (Garages) Ltd v Total Oil (GB) Ltd EWCA Civ 2 is an English contract law case relating to undue influence.

  • Alec Sparks

    Alec Sparks

    Alec Sparks is an American baseball player from Amite City, Louisiana who plays as a right-handed pitcher.

  • Alec Mock

    Alec Mock

    Alec Mock is an American football player from Matthews, North Carolina who plays as an inside linebacker. He committed to play for the Air Force Falcons football team.

  • Alec Birrell

    William Alexander Hamilton Birrell (24 January 1885 – 11 May 1948) was a doctor and an Australian rules footballer who played for University in the Victorian Football League (VFL).

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