• Alben W. Barkley

    Alben W. Barkley

    Alben William Barkley (/ˈbɛərkli/; November 24, 1877 – April 30, 1956) was an American lawyer and politician from Kentucky who served in both houses of Congress and as the 35th vice president of the United States from 1949 to 1953. In 1905, he was elected county attorney for McCracken County, Kentucky. He was chosen County Judge/Executive in 1909 and U.S. representative from Kentucky's First District in 1912. As a Representative, he was a liberal Democrat, supporting President Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom domestic agenda and foreign policy.

  • Alben W. Barkley School of Law

    The Alben W. Barkley School of Law (formerly the American Justice School of Law) was a private, for-profit law school founded in 2004 in Paducah, Kentucky.

  • Vice presidential inauguration of Alben W. Barkley

  • Charles W. Barkley (disambiguation)

  • Charles W. Barkley (disambiguation)

  • Charles W. Barkley

  • Thomas W. Bartley

    Thomas W. Bartley

    Thomas Welles Bartley (also known as Thomas W. Bartley) (February 11, 1812 – June 20, 1885) was an American Democratic politician from the U.S. state of Ohio. He served as the 17th Governor of Ohio. Bartley was succeeded in office by his father, Mordecai Bartley, one of only a few instances of this occurring in high elected office in the United States.

  • W. W. Bartley III

    W. W. Bartley III

    William Warren Bartley III (October 2, 1934 – February 5, 1990), known as W. W. Bartley III, was an American philosopher specializing in 20th century philosophy, language and logic, and the Vienna Circle.

  • Berkley W. Bedell

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