• Aksel Sandemose

    Aksel Sandemose

    Aksel Sandemose (né Axel Nielsen; 19 March 1899 – 6 August 1965) was a Danish-Norwegian writer.

  • Aksel

    Aksel is a Scandinavian masculine given name, a variant of Axel.

  • Aksel Bonde Hansen

    Aksel Bonde Hansen (née Bonde, 29 May 1918 – 27 May 1996) was a Danish rower who competed in the 1948 Summer Olympics. He was born in Horne, Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality. In 1948 he was a crew member of the Danish boat which won the silver medal in the coxless fours event. He died in 1996 in Horsens.

  • Aksel Zachariassen

    Aksel Zachariassen

    Aksel "Azach" Zachariassen (16 November 1898 – 6 August 1987) was a Norwegian politician, newspaper editor, secretary and writer.

  • Aksel Dregelid

    Aksel Dregelid

    Aksel Dregelid is an American soccer player from Santa Cruz, California who plays as a defender.

  • Aksel Berg

    Aksel Berg

    Aksel Ivanovich Berg (Orenburg 1893 – Moscow 1979) was a Soviet scientist and Navy Admiral (in Engineering). He was a key figure in the introduction of cybernetics to the Soviet Union. He was working in the Russian Empire

  • Aksel Duun

    Aksel Duun (March 26, 1921 – April 3, 1987) was a Danish sprint canoer who competed in the late 1950s. At the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, he finished sixth in the C-2 10000 m event.

  • Aksel Hagen

    Aksel Hagen

    Aksel Hagen is a Norwegian politician and member of the Storting, representing the Socialist Left Party (SV) in the county of Oppland. He was elected to parliament following the 2009 parliamentary election by winning Oppland's leveling seat. He sits on the Standing Committee on Education, Research and Church Affairs.

  • Jørn Aksel Krog

    Jørn Aksel Krog (11 April 1948 – 3 March 2015) was a Norwegian civil servant.

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