• Adalbert I of Ivrea

    Adalbert I (died after 28 February 929) was the margrave of Ivrea, the second of the Anscarid dynasty, from the late 890s until his death. In the intermittent civil war which affected Italy from 888 into the 930s, Adalbert initially strove to remain neutral, but from 901 on he sided sequentially with every claimant to the Italian throne.

  • Adalbert I, Count of Vermandois

    Adalbert I of Vermandois (French: Albert I le Pieux, the Pious) (c. 915–c. 987), in 946 he succeeded his father as Count of Vermandois.

  • Adalbert I, Margrave of Tuscany

    Adalbert I (c. 820 – 886) was the margrave of Tuscany from about 847 and the guardian of the island of Corsica (tutor Corsicae insulae).

  • Adalbert II (disambiguation)

    Adalbert II may refer to:

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