• Iraq the model

    Iraq the Model is a currently-dormant weblog whose last post was made on October 5, 2011. It was allegedly set up by brothers Omar and Muhammed Fadhil which details accounts of the Iraq War from Baghdad. The blog was often cited by conservative commentators as a source for the good news in Iraq that the American media is not reporting, in contrast to other Iraqi-written blogs such as Baghdad Burning, which show far less pleasant or optimistic scenes from post-invasion Iraq.

  • The Model Husband (1937 film)

    The Model Husband (1937 film)

    The Model Husband (German: Der Mustergatte) is a 1937 German comedy film directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner and starring Heinz Rühmann, Leny Marenbach and Hans Söhnker. It is based on a 1915 American play Fair and Warmer by Avery Hopwood. The film was screened at the Venice Film Festival where it won an award. In the 1950s it was remade twice: a 1956 West German film The Model Husband and a 1959 Swiss The Model Husband .

  • The Model and the Star

    The Model and the Star

    The Model and the Star (Spanish: La modelo y la estrella) is a 1939 Argentine comedy film directed by Manuel Romero. The film premiered on March 15, 1939 in Buenos Aires and starred Alita Román.

  • The Artist and the Model

    The Artist and the Model

    The Artist and the Model (French: L'artiste et son modèle) is a 2012 French-language Spanish drama film directed by Fernando Trueba and written by Trueba and Jean-Claude Carrière. In 2012, Fernando Trueba was nominated for the Golden Shell and won the Silver Shell for Best Director at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. The year after, the film was nominated for 13 categories in the 27th Goya Awards, including Best Film and Best Director.

  • The Model of Poesy

    The Model of Poesy is a Renaissance English treatise about the art of poetry written by William Scott in about 1599. It contains a theoretical description of what poetry is, and practical guidelines about how to write well. Scott, following on from Philip Sidney's An Apology for Poetry , develops his poetics in the classical and continental tradition, and includes examples from many English writers, including Geoffrey Chaucer, Edmund Spenser and William Shakespeare. Scott also quotes from his partial translation of Guillaume de Saluste Du Bartas' La Sepmainethat is found directly after the Model in the sole surviving manuscript copy of both texts. The Model was re-discovered in the early 2000s and printed in a modern critical edition, edited by Gavin Alexander, in 2013.

  • Be Bench / The Model Search

    Be Bench/The Model Search , is reality TV show produced by ABS-CBN with bench/. The show is hosted by bench superstar Piolo Pascual and Kris Aquino and was a one-time special series to celebrate the anniversary of bench/ with the aim of discovering to new models (one male and one female) to become the new faces of the brand.

  • The Model home 2020 project

    The Model home 2020 project

    The model home 2020 project is a vision for climate neutral buildings with a high degree of liveability. The project was started in 2009 and involves the construction of six houses in five countries across Europe.

  • He's a Whore / The Model

    He's a Whore / The Model

    "He's a Whore"/"The Model" is the last single released by American noise rock band Big Black in 1987. Both songs on this release are covers, the first track by Cheap Trick and the second by Kraftwerk. The cover of the 7" sleeve imitates both of the original singles. Both songs can be found on the CD version of the album Songs About Fucking , while the vinyl version includes only "The Model" (with a different intro).

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